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74.795-L2: Mobile Robotics

This page contains information about the course 74.7XX: Mobile Robotics.

Important Notices

Lecturing for 74.795-L2 has started. The class times are Mon, Wed, Fri at 17:30. We meet either in Machray Hall 500A or in the Linux Lab in the basement.

Fri Jan 24 19:57:37 CST 2003: The videoserver and documentation is now installed in /usr/local/robocup/videoserver. I will setup the server on Monday.

Tue Apr 8 11:56:39 CDT 2003: Code review submissions are ready for download.

Table of Contents



Code Review Submissions

Critically read the following code by Friday, April 11th. Extract the best and worst features from each submission.


Miscalleneous Information

The following files are local copies of recommended reading for the course.

Other Years

The following links are pointers to previous years of this course.

Final Exams

The following links are pointers to previous years' final exams for this course.

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