74.795-L01 Mobile Robotics Local Vision Assignment 4

Due: Mon Apr 19th 2006, 23:59


The following list contains additional information and comments about the project.


This page describes the fourth assignment for the course 74.795-L01 Mobile Robotics Using Local Vision.

The goal of this assignment is to implement a practical soccer playing robot.

The Soccer Field

We setup a soccer playing field world in the Autonmous Agent's lab in EITC E2 504.

There playing field is marked with four localization markers. environment. The localization markes are round two coloured 30cm tall poles. The poles A1 and A2 are red on top of yellow and the poles B1 and B2 have yellow on top of red.


Combine the work that you have done on assignments 1 to 3 to build a soccer playing robot. Your robot should be able to approach a ball and kick it/dribble it into the opponents goal.

The Demonstration

The winner of this assignment will be determined during a demonstration which will take place on the 21th April 2006 at 17:00 in the Autonomous Agents lab.

The robot and a ball will be placed at a random position inside the playing field. The robot has five minutes to approach the ball and score a goal.

There will be a total of five rounds and the ball will be moved to a separate position after every round.

Each robot is assigned a scale factor. The scale factor is used to compensate for the fact that it is more difficult for a smaller robot to drive at the same speed as a larger robot. The scale factor is determined by the maximum dimension of the robot.

The scale factor is calculated as (Max Dimension of Robot)/10cm.

This means, a robot with a size of 10cm is assigned a scale factor of 1.0; a robot with a maximum dimension of 5cm is assigned a scale factor of 0.5 and a robot with a maximum dimension of 40cm is assigned a scale factor of 4.

The score of the robot is determined by the number of goals scored. In case of a tie, the robot with the fastest time wins.

The robot with the best (highest) score is declared the winner.

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